THE FIVE SHEATHS OF ILLUSION/ pancha maya koshas

THE FIVE SHEATHS OF ILLUSION/ pancha maya koshas

The pancha maya koshas are considered as the five illusory bodies or containers of experience. The garments worn by the soul to experience itself as a divided phenomenon.


Annamayakosha - the physical body

Pranamayakosha - the energy body

Manomayakosha - the mind body

Vijnyanamayakosha - the intellect body

Anandamaya kosher - the bliss body


The objective of yoga is to know who we are beyond the illusion of these sheaths built into the quantum field of reality.

When the physical body is balanced, the breath must be mastered, mastering the art of breathing regulates and controls the mind, when mind is harmonised, intellect or inherent higher intelligence emerges. This higher intelligence brings the soul into a state of bliss, also known as samadhi. Beyond illusion, there is that state of oneness, also known as yoga.

Yoga practice is the path of remembering that place we are from, Ayurveda is the foundation of supporting the soul in its journey back to that place.

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