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All of life is dependent on adaptive intelligence. This can be explained in Ayurveda by applying the combination of direct perception to infer, or realise the most beneficial outcome based on appropriate reasoning and right knowledge.

This action of adaptive intelligence is known as yukti.

When yukti is acquired, our lives become intuitive, our minds become clear, our senses are activated, our body becomes light and subtle, and our spirit awakens.

  • Premium organic herbs, which we compound on-site, along with the finest Ayurvedic organic oils.

  • All products are ethically and sustainably sourced, using ingredients from India and Australia.

  • Our team boats highly qualified health practitioners with over 20 years of clinical practice.

  • Based on clinical experience, evidence-based research, and the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine.

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  • Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage

    Abhyanga is the quintessential physical therapy at the heart of Ayurvedic treatments. This classical rejuvenating detoxifying massage helps to increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage...

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  • KaHuna & Lomi Lomi Massage

    KaHuna & Lomi Lomi massage is a flowing style of massage using ayurvedic oils, providing a holistic approach to healing on all levels. Balancing and therapeutic to the mind and body....

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  • Magnesium Rose & Lotus petal foot soak

    A luxurious warm foot soak consisiting of essential oils, ancient mineral flakes and detoxifying ayurvedic herbs to relax, soothe and draw out impurities.

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  • Ayurvedic Herbal Steam Bath

    Bashpa SwedaAfter receiving one of our traditional Abhyanga massages, using the highest quality of traditional herbal oils, adding a steam bath has deeply therapeutic actions...

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  • "I am eternally grateful to Wayne for very compassionately, intuitively and professionally guiding my eldest daughter Zoe to health after she arrived home from a service exchange in India. Zoe had contracted a parasite which caused White dot syndrome, inflammation of her brain and severe gut complications. She was also very homesick for India and Wayne's kindness and understanding supported Zoe in her transition to home.It was a difficult time for Zoe and I however after seeing Wayne, Zoe started to heal and happily. Me too. Wayne has also guided my family and I to health and our introduction to India and Ayurveda has been a gift and one which Zoe and I are very grateful. Namaskaram Wayne You are a very special human being, we are very thankful to you."

  • "I love the whole experience at Yukti. Wayne is an excellent teacher, and through his many courses, passionately shares a wealth of knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and lifestyle. He gives you a solid, grounded framework to work with these principles, so they're not just a concept. I did the full course on "Art of Living Ayurveda" which was incredibly comprehensive, practical and enjoyable. This gave me a really clear path to follow for applying Ayurveda in everyday life: for myself and my family.
    I also see Wayne for Ayurvedic consultations, and use Yukti's herbal range regularly. Under Wayne's guidance, I've turned around some health issues that could've been significant. I'm very grateful for the support and care I received at Yukti. Highly recommend!"

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