When it comes to harmonizing vata dosha timing is everything. Ensure that your daily routine is consistent. Timely waking, eating, evacuation, and sleep times are essential for healthy biorhythms.

Stress is also a major factor in vata disturbances due to its negative impact effect on the nervous system and mental faculties. Create time to sit down and eat your meals, pay attention to the aromas and allow your sense organs to initiate the healthy production of enzymes and digestive juices. This will ensure that the vagus nerve is calm and relaxed and the contraction and relaxation of the digestive organs function in a timely manner.


Fermented foods are very popular these days with relation to promoting digestive health. According to Ayurvedic principles, excessive fermented foods can have an aggravating effect on pitta and disrupt its functioning particularly within the small intestine. Include sour condiments, as they are essential for stimulating kapha and pitta functions and providing beneficial micro flora, however use them sparingly.

Be sure to include an adequate amount of bitter and dark leafy greens life parsley, coriander, dill, baby spinach, endive, chicory and dandelion. These phytochemical rich and fresh foods are invaluable for maintaining healthy gut function.


Minimize the use of cold and heavy foods. This includes the use of cold smoothies that are usually nutritionally dense; however, burden the functions of jatharagni leading to the formation of ama. If you’re going to make smoothies, make sure they are at least served room temperature and include spices like ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon to aid in digestibility. One of the most common ways to accumulate excess kapha is overeating carbohydrates and refined sugars. Not only do they lead to congestion of kapha in the chest, but they also destabilize blood glucose regulation.

Exercise is perhaps one of the most effective ways to balance kapha dosha. It increases healthy blood flow to the abdominal organs stimulating jatharagni and prevents stagnation of kapha throughout the entire body as well as the mind. Include regular physical activity away from mealtimes and include a strong cardiovascular component. If you have existing injuries or health concerns be sure to seek professional advice before commencing regular activities.
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