The term “Ayus” stands for the combination of the Sharira (body), Indriya (sense organs), Manas (mind), and Atma (soul). And its synonyms are Dhari the one that prevents the body from decay, Jiva which keeps alive, Nityaga which serves as the permanent substratum of this body, and Anubhanda which transmigrates from one body to another.

(Ca.Su. 1:42))

According to Ayurveda, The universe itself is made up of twenty-four primary modes of intelligence. Within this unified field of intelligence, there are three key principles that give rise to the expression of life and complete human experience. They are body, mind, and soul.

Mind, soul, and body – these three are like a tripod, the world is sustained by their combination; they constitute the substratum for everything. This combination of the above three is the subject matter of Ayurveda it is for this Veda is brought to light.

(Ca. Su. 1:46-47))

Health and wellbeing arise as a result of the interconnected harmony between these modes of expression. The body, mind, and the sense organs are considered as the medium for the soul or observer, to have an experience within a unified field of intelligence we know as the metaphysical and physical universe.

In order for the souls' experience to be wholesome and free of suffering it is dependent upon the qualities of its coverings. Unlike the soul; mind, body, and sense organs are subject to the physical laws of creation, sustainability, and destruction governing the entire universe as they are made up of the same universal qualities. Satva/creative expression, Rajas/process of expression, and Tamas/what is expressed give rise to the most subtle, through to the grossest or densest of vibrational frequencies that we perceive as physical elements. These vibrational frequencies are classified into five groups – space, air, fire, water, and earth.

The variations of universal qualities and primary elements are responsible for the diverse and complex manifestations of life. Finding balance and harmony within this creative and dynamic expression is the true art of living.
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