Yukti was established in Noosa, Australia in 2014, specialising in a range of Ayurvedic based formulations, teas, tonics and elixirs using over 2,000 years of accumulated practical application of plant and mineral based therapeutics, as documented in Ayurvedic medicine texts.

We source our ingredients to ensure that they are certified organic, sustainably farmed and of the highest quality.

Our intention with our work is to come from the place of the heart and direct this awareness through our hands and into our products, all our products are handmade.

We approach our selected herbs and spices in a way that we honour them as living beings and allies that support the wellbeing of humankind with reverence and respect for their life-giving nature. We get to know them through their energetics and qualities, we pay attention to their unique characteristics and combine them to complement each other to find the right balance to harness their therapeutic action and palatability.

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