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Taught by Olivier David | Authorized Level II Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 

In this class you are taught Ashtanga Yoga individually, one on one, in a group setting. Step by step you are taught a posture (asana) and sequence (vinyasa) in detail with a particular breath pattern. The teacher guides you on your progression as you learn and retain the information taught to you. This enables you to internalise the practice, build and retain a daily yoga practice while being able to focus on yourself and move/progress at your own pace.

  • Monday to Friday | flexible start times, arrive anytime between 5am and 7am.
  • All levels welcome, this class is for the beginner and advanced practitioners alike.
  • If you are a beginner your first practice will be around 45min.
  • This is the traditional way yoga is taught, with this method you can evolve physically, mentally and spiritually without distraction, confusion and doubt.
  • This method can only be taught by one ho has studied with his teacher for over 10years, 20,000 hours. 

monday to friday | arrive between 5am and 7am

Led by Olivier David | Authorized Level II Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 

Ashtanga Led class is when students are led by a teacher through the primary series together, this class is not suitable for beginners, please attend Mysore classes for a week before attending led class.

Saturdays | 6.30 - 8am

Teacher | Dan Fanthorpe

Free Movement - Anatomy Informed Yoga: Unwind and Strengthen with your local yogi/osteopath, Dan Fanthorpe.

This class is a unique blend of traditional Hatha yoga linages, it includes functional strength, mobility enhancement, mindful breath work, and deep relaxation techniques. The class is specially designed to give students a better understanding how to release tension, build functional strength, and restore balance to both your body and mind.

Dan’s extensive osteopathic anatomical and bio-mechanical knowledge along with his training in Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga provide students with a deeper understanding of the body and mind as we age. This class addresses Free Movement which is a concept that describes the strength vs flexibility balance of a joint in all ranges of motion. When a joint is balanced it less likely to be affected by degeneration and injury, this means we get to do the things we love to do in life for longer.

  • Fun and Playful Approach: Laughter and joy are an integral part of our practice. Dan believes that yoga is a celebration of the body and spirit. With a lighthearted and playful approach, we encourage you to explore your limits and discover new potentials in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Tuesdays | 5.30 - 6.45pm

Teacher | Amanda Kiely

Join Amanda Kiely, for a Hatha Yoga class that focuses on breath awareness, fewer (asanas) poses, longer holds and the individuality of our bodies to be recognised. With each movement, we cultivate a deep sense of awareness, to be present in the moment. A practice that while sometimes strong and challenging also nourishes you and leaves you feeling restored.

This 75 min class begins with steady movement and transitions into a restorative Savasana.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, this class offers a space to nurture your well-being and find balance in your daily life.

Thursdays | 5.30 - 6.45pm